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Sydney's Ultimate Party Locations

With the changing state of the party scene where are the best Private Party Venues Sydney. There used to be loads of options but because of the number of venues that have closed down what’s left out there for you?

The new lockout laws

They have severely damaged so many businesses that they had to close their doors with Hugos being a great example. Due to the changing face of Sydney Nightlife, it's here to stay I am afraid. So let's not get too down in the dumps and see what Private Party Venues Sydney are available for you. We recommend to look at and show you how to book them.

1. Forbes Hotel Sydney CBD

2. Bellini Kings Cross

3. Eleven Nightclub Oxford Street

4. Friend in Hand Glebe

5. The Harlequin in Pyrmont

6. The Quarryman in Pyrmont

7. The Dunkirk in Pyrmont

Also, there are a few more that are not in and around Sydney CBD and can go later as they aren’t part of the lockout laws. These are all perfect venues for Bucks Parties, Birthday Parties or Hens Nights. The owners of these establishments have been doing these kinds of private parties for years and have seen and heard it all before lol.

How do I book these and what should I be considering when doing so. Get an organiser that deals with everything for you as a one-stop-shop. Great reviews will help with your choice in an organiser. Also ask all the awkward questions like can I see the venue, what happens if you cancel on me etc. These simple things guaranteed you to have a great experience when choosing venues for your Private Party Venues in Sydney.

It's not all doom and gloom you just have to be a bit smarter and look further afield.

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