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Bucks Party Ideas For A Sydney Event

Planning a memorable bucks party does not have to be tough, especially if you have some great bucks party ideas. In the past, a good night out for the boys was just limited to going to several bars and getting wasted. Nevertheless, today you can try out a wide range of fun buck events and have a truly memorable experience. If Bucks Party Ideas are what you are after, then look no further.

A Bucks party is a fancy way of saying a Bachelor party. The closest mate to the groom has to organise this party. A party is a last-ditch attempt for the groom to enjoy the temptations of being independent.

If you are the groom's best mate, he is counting on you for an epic party. Find out the groom's interests (likes and dislikes). If he is not so social, then try planning a friendly party.
Then make a list of things you want (guests lists, venue, date), and we can take care of the rest.

Book a cruise

Among the top bucks’ party ideas is booking a cruise and not only getting the beautiful views of the sea, but also the lovely women on board. Besides being a fun party with plenty of drinks and food going on. Also, a cruise is an entirely fresh way of experiencing your bucks’ night.  The delicious buffet meals are also bound to be even tastier when pretty women serve them on the boat.


For those who enjoy racing games, one of the most suitable Bucks Party Ideas is spending some time go-karting. Racing your friends on the track is not only lots of fun. Go-karting is also easy to pick up, which means it is something all your friends can participate. You can make it even more competitive and attractive by setting a prize for whoever wins the race.


Also, we know Boys love their guns and what better way of showcasing this love by going to a paintball range. You will get the latest and best paintball guns and get the chance to show off your marksmanship by leading your team to victory. What makes this particular idea stand out when compared to other Bucks Party Ideas is that it will require teamwork to achieve the set objectives. You can work together in your team to create tactics of how to defeat the army or go solo like Rambo and shoot anything that moves.

Party bus

Do you want to experience the best nightclubs without having to walk from one club to the next? That is exactly what you get when you choose to go on a party bus. Your whole night is well planned out, and there are lots of refreshments and entertainment on the party bus. So this will ensure you relish in the all-round exclusive party atmosphere. With some providers of these Bucks Party Ideas, you could even get strippers on board for an even better night out.

Private Venues

We can find you and your group the perfect party venue whatever size. We have loads on establishments in many different locations in and around Sydney. They are perfect if you are on a small budget but still want to celebrate in style. You can still choose from all of the different options available to you on this site.

Sydney Party Poker Night

Also, there are certain Topless Waitresses that are great poker dealers. Don't forget they are always in high demand.
You can have many tables going on at the same time and organise a competition with a trophy for the winner.
Choose either a Venue or on a Cruise. We can give you a quote on request.

Get Twisted With Your Friends

There is no limit to how many men can play a game at once. We suggest two girls and two guys playing together. If you like to watch why not try four waitresses.

A game is on a plastic coloured plastic mat and has four colours in each row.

Someone will spin the combination chart and call it. For example, left foot red players would have to move their left foot on the red coloured circle, and that goes on.
There are so many spins and different body positions. Eventually, someone will fall. The last man or waitresses standing is the winner of the game.

Bucks Party Ideas

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